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"The Tribute" Double Swing Entry Gate

On sale: $5,397.00
Retail Price:$5,997.00
You Save:$600.00(10%)
Item will be manufactured and ready for pickup or delivery within 25 working days of order.
Part Number:TDG-13451

Information and Options

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Width of Gate

Click here for gate measuring info.

All double swing gates, are 5’ (60”) high. Both gates are of equal dimensions in width. The most narrow gate arrangement would be two gates of 32” wide each, totallng 64”. The widest arrangement would be 14’.
Choose the correct width category, based on your "Width of Gate" calculation above.
Color Options
Medium Gray
Darker Gray
Gray Stone
English Gray
Hot Gray
Light Gray
Coal Gray
Comes with a discrete key lock from the exterior side, with a button lock from the inside.
The only swing direction available is outward
Single Gate Hang side
Hanging from left
Hanging from right
A double swing gate with both gates measuring minimally 60"H by 36"W. Options are available to have each gate width available up to 7' (84") bringing the total available width up to 14'
Click here for the single swing version of this gate. 

Made from aluminum, the most durable gate material in any weather condition. Product comes with high quality powder coating with five year warranty on the finish - the longest warranty in the industry.

Easy to install for most handymen.

Comes with cylinder and two keys, valued at about $300. Lock has latch function that locks the gate automatically when closed.