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How to Measure for a Gate

Basic "How-to" on properly measuring for a gate
Measurement For Gate
Take measurements a through d if you are measuring for a walkway pedestrian gate, and e through h if you are taking measurements for a wider, driveway type gate. With the wide driveway gate (for distances f,g, and h), you are going to either need another person to keep the measuring tape straight and level, or, better still, a laser tape measure which can be purchased at better hardware stores.


Whether it be for the more narrow pedestrian or the broader driveway gate, the maximum gate height you will want will be whichever side is shorter, and then subtracting a couple inches to clear gravel or lawn, or more than 2" if the swinging open of your gate has to accommodate a hill. (See the second figure.) Determine your gate height from this equation.


It is important to note that we will supply the posts in all gate sales. Due to this, you are required to give us the width dimensions of the entrance. The actual gate will be more narrow than the dimensions as your entrance needs to accommodate the posts and hinges for the gate and accommodate for a certain amount of free play for gate movement.

Measure the entrance width at the top, middle and bottom. Take care to make the measuring tape straight in all cases; in the wider gate you'll need another to assist you, or a laser tape measure, as mentioned earlier.

Of the three width measurements you get, please choose the smallest measurement as your gate width. 

Slope of hill in gate measurement

Gate Slope

With every gate, but most importantly with the wider gates, you need to be aware of any slope in the land that your gate will encounter in its swing. If there is an increase in height of the land in the direction of the swing, you have three choices; either change the direction of the swing in the opposite direction (provided there isn't a slope in that direction), level the land so that there is not a slope any longer, or shorten the height of the gate to accommodate the slope. 

Make sure that you factor these things when you determine the direction of your gate swing, and when you determine your gate height.