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Entry Gates Information

Avi Ben DavidHello, my name is Avi Ben David, and, since 1994 I have supervised the design, fabrication and installation of hundreds of custom made gates throughout Los Angeles county. 

As these are custom gates, and made of the finest materials, they are pricey. For a lot of people, they just could not afford them. 

The people who called us would then go out and buy a gate that they could afford, and then they would call us back a year or so later and ask about our gates again. The gates they had bought had broken down and needed to be replaced or required serious repairs. They wanted to know if we could build them a better gate, but at a lower price. We couldn't. 

Until now! 

I am pretty proud of my self. I feel a little like a modern day Henry Ford. 

We've decided on five different gate designs to begin with. We've drawn out our shop prints for them and have on hand all the high gauge steel. We've got our welding teams ready to go, and a couple of installation teams for those of you who do not have a contractor and are not do-it-your-selfers. 

That's right. We are cutting down our costs by not having to re-design and consult and set up new jigs and dies every time we make a gate. We have all the organization in place to get these gates done on an efficient 1-2-3 assembly line type of basis (albeit not a modern assembly line with robots... we're kind of "old school" - we've got skilled people instead of robots.)

As I was researching to get ready to deliver to you, I studied thoroughly all the competition for entry gates, everyone from the big chain stores to the local gate shops. I have been to perhaps twenty different shops in the last few months. I can tell you with certainty that our gate are far superior to any other gate available in this price range.