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Driveway Gate Installation Package

Your Price (note that this price will increase or decrease with options): $2,500.00
We'll call you up within a business day to arrange a schedule.
Part Number:21-2

Information and Options

Lockset help
Lockset #1 - Schlage Satin Nickel Andover Keyed Entry F51A Panic Proof Door Knob with Addison Rosette
Lockset #2 - Schlage Aged Bronze Andover Keyed Entry F51A Panic Proof Door Knob with Addison Rosette
Lockset #3 - The 2835 Keyless Lever Lock features a passage function, changeable handing, and is available in both single and double combination.
Note that this service is only available at this price to residents or businesses in Los Angeles County, CA. 

This is an "add-on" service to a gate purchase. This service is only available for driveway gates purchased here, at https://gateslosangeles-com.3dcartstores.com. Choose any gate, and also choose this service to have the gate you purchased fully installed. 

When you buy a gate from us, you have the option to have Mulholland install the gate for you. As as option and at an additional cost, we will install any of our optional locksets as well. Your gate will be completely finished, only requiring you to have the gate painted.

Mulholland has installed thousands of gates throughout Los Angeles County, beginning in 1994. Our gate installation begins with an appointment to measure your gate opening. It follows through with the fabrication of your gate, followed by a new appointment to install the gate. The cost for measurement and installation is $1000.
If your gate requirement is plus or minus 12" from our standard height (72") and widths (10' to 14'), the cost for the custom made gate will be the same as the standard price. 

You will also see options here to install locksets. These are optional. There are hundreds of locksets on the market; we've chosen these as we've worked with them a lot; they're tough and beautiful.

In other words, if you buy the installation package as well as a gate, we will measure your gate and customize the size of your gate so that it fits. Then, we will install it, with the lockset you purchase. The only thing you'll have to do is paint it! (Our gates are finished with a flat gray primer.)

Please note that this installation price is correct in the majority of cases. However, if we arrive to the premises and determine that there are circumstances (such as ground incline, ease of access to the installation place, etc.) that make this price non-viable, we will give you an adjusted price for you to pay before installation begins. If, in those circumstances, you don't agree to an increase in installation price, we will, without argument,  process your credit card for a return of your payment.

An option is for you to purchase our inexpensive measurement service. With this option, we will go to your house, and get the exact measurements for your gate. As we are there, we will also be able to view your property and will be certain as to your installation cost.